Join us this summer!

We combine the best of summer camp—creative, spontaneous play and hands-on activities—with the sights and sounds of the city. Campers are on the move, exploring historic and cultural sites, natural spaces, buildings and waterways.


Have you ever wanted to be an adventurer and explore really cool places in the city?

Would you like to go to the tops of tall buildings, row boats in the Boston Harbor, explore secret spaces, and learn about Boston's amazing history? Would you like to build things with your hands, have lots of time for free play, and to choose activities you like to do?

Then Boston Explorers just might be the camp for you.



Boston Explorers [is] about four things: we make things with our hands, we explore Boston, we have fun, and we are kind to everyone. Boston Explorers is an amazing place for kids.

- Brandon, explorer

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