Boston Explorers proudly announces Citizen Explorers, a new year-round program for teens (ages 16-18).

It is clear that many campers who have aged out of Explorers' day camp didn’t want to leave, so we developed a year-round curriculum that puts them in contact with great resources for their future and allows them to earn a stipend. Teens will continue to deepen their engagement with the natural environment by introducing younger Explorers to the great outdoors through Boston's urban wilderness. The Citizen Explorers pilot program began in July 2016 and is comprised of two parts: a four-week summer internship and a series of leadership modules over the fall, winter, and spring.



As older campers, Citizen Explorers will be mentoring younger Explorers during their camp session. Similar to a counselor-in-training program at a typical summer camp, this four-week leadership program includes a stipend.

At Boston Explorers, campers do four things every day: explore Boston, work with their hands, show kindness to everyone, and have fun. Equally important is the development of healthy habits—playing, exercising, and eating nutritious foods. Citizen Explorers will demonstrate these healthy habits by example.

As leadership trainees, Citizen Explorers will train the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts by leading younger Explorers in activities such as rowing, hiking, biking and nature studies.  Our daylong camp carnival provides the perfect real-life opportunity to design activities and games, develop a budget, implement and evaluate the event based on their financial plan and outcomes, all under the guiding hand of senior staff member. When not serving as leaders in-training, this teen cohort will have opportunities to make their mark on the city by developing their own service project that addresses a community need.


As a Boston Explorer, our teens learned to navigate the natural and physical environs of the city. As Citizen Explorers, they will have the opportunity to navigate the world of college and work.

They will meet professors, managers, administrators, professionals and entrepreneurs. They will walk through the college application process and visit local campuses. They will meet with financial literacy experts to learn about budgets and entrepreneurship. They will meet with professionals, such as architects, lawyers and political figures, who will share the personal and work habits that have helped them be successful.

These are the kinds of resources and relationships that our teens need in order to move more successfully into the world of adults.





  • Mentoring and guiding younger Explorers on rowing expeditions and core nature explorations throughout Boston
  • Hike the nature trails, swim, fish and kayak in the Harbor Islands National Park
  • Learn the Islands' history and study up-close its flora & fauna
  • Overnight camping trips on Peddock's Island
  • Stipended leadership-in-training modules
  • Job shadowing and internships
  • Community service and civic engagement with social justice focus
  • College visits
  • Financial literacy

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