Boston Explorers Leader-in-Training (LIT) Program


The mission of the Boston Explorer (BE) Leader-in-Training (LIT) program is to provide experiences for Boston Explorers camper graduates (ages 16-18) that will help prepare them for the transition from teen to young adult. The experiences in the BE LIT program are designed to help them develop awareness and increased proficiency in the following areas:

  • Job preparedness

  • Personal responsibility

  • Skills training

  • Working with others

  • Self-advocacy

  • Service to others

2019 Cohort at a Northeastern University  campus tour

2019 Cohort at a Northeastern University campus tour

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Teens who reach the upper age limit of the BE regular camp program (ages 7-15) can apply and interview for the four to eight available positions in the LIT program. Teens who have finished one year in the program are given priority for attending a second and third year. Acceptance into the summer training program requires completion of two out of four evening programs (see below), a complete application, an interview, and two references. Returning LITs will have a follow-up interview to assess their experience from the previous summer and to set goals for the year ahead. Returning LITs must also attend two out of four evening programs.


The year begins in the fall with four evening programs sprinkled throughout the year. The individuals selected to meet with the BE LITs are professionals with compelling stories who share how they overcame personal challenges and adversity. They draw on their own experiences and work habits—discipline, leadership skills, personal responsibility and resilience, community service, financial responsibility, and citizenship—all to align with the City of Boston’s resources.


The summer component of the program consists of working with campers (ages 7-15), participating in the regular BE program (woodworking, explorations, and rowing) with a focus on assisting the campers and working collaboratively with the staff. In addition, there will be five to six meetings with professionals who, like the year-round program participants, will share their personal stories with our Teens as a way of providing insight into the challenges of leading a successful life.

To be eligible for the summer component of the program, where LITs begin to receive a salary for their work, every applicant must be in “good standing,” which means that they will have completed an application, an interview, and will have attended at least two of the programs that are offered in the fall and spring.


The assessment of the LITs will be in two different phases—one for their summer work with campers, staff, and each other and the other for their participation in the year-round component of the program.





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